Expert Witness Testimony

At Intellex Forensics, we have a team of seasoned accountants and CPAs that specialize in business accounting, process management, and fraud prevention. 

Trial preparation can be challenging, and naming experts is one of the most critical components of winning for your clients, plain and simple. Our seasoned team of accounting and forensic experts provide testimony in a variety of contested situations including matters in local, state, federal, and international courts.

Choosing an expert that is qualified is one thing, but finding an expert that can handle cross-examination, communicate findings effectively and concisely, and has the composure to handle a courtroom is a completely different scenario. We don’t fold under pressure, we don’t let emotion take over professionalism, and we stand behind our work product.

It is time to eliminate the guessing game when experts are needed, and hire a team that can work with any business, in any industry, in any jurisdiction, and with a track record that speaks for itself. Intellex is here to make expert selection the best part of your trial preparation, and the solution to a positive outcome for your clients.

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