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We investigate and analyze facts surrounding fraud, misconduct, and other vulnerabilities. We resolve financial uncertainty by taking facts from the office to the courtroom.

Intellex Forensics Fraud and Forensic Accounting Industries Photo of blue mountains in italy


Founded in 2013, Intellex set out to redefine the highly specialized world of forensic accounting. Complex issues deserve complex thinkers, while simple solutions shouldn’t be over complicated.

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We have a team of seasoned Forensic Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, and compliance specialists who work with law firms, private parties, and businesses of all sizes and industries.



Intro & needs Assessment

Schedule your first free consultation, either in person or virtually to find out if we are a good fit for your needs.


Data Collection & Analysis

Our team will work with you to collect any data and documents needed for our analysis and professional opinion.


Reports, opinions, & Testimony

Based on your needs, our team will produce any reports, summaries, or opinions required by you, including potential testimony.



Millions Uncovered

Eric Stephens

Eric Stephens is the managing director and co-founder of Intellex Forensics. He provides an impressive background surrounding various aspects of fraud and forensic accounting, spanning over a 30+ year career.

Cory Svihla

Cory Svihla is a director & co-founder of Intellex Forensics. Svihla helped build IF from the ground-up, generating business and loyal clientele across the country and around the world.

photo of co-founder, Cory Svihla

With experience in over 100 countries on 6 continents, Intellex Forensics employs a unique set of skills to strategically guide you through various complex challenges and times of financial uncertainty. 

  • Our team works with law firms to overcome challenges around the world. We work from both a reactive and proactive point of view while customizing our approach and solution for each and every client.

  • In the thriving and ever-changing business environment, a new set of challenges and disruptions present themselves. We work with businesses to ensure operational, financial, or employee issues are resolved.

  • We pride ourselves in having experience spanning across various industries, with the ability to adapt and respond from relevant and relatable perspectives for both large businesses and stand-alone individuals.


Level of authority relating to occupational fraud

"We had an employee issue and contacted Intellex Forensics to help us out. They were fantastic in helping us get the research done. We are a relatively small company but the potential loss was huge to us. They helped us with the information to defend ourselves against this employee and we have also now engaged them in other accounting areas. Intellex Forensics can offer so many services you might not even think you need. I highly recommend giving them a call and hiring them."

"Intellex went above and beyond to assist me in a difficult situation. They made me feel as is I was being heard and I always felt like they had my best interest in mind. Not enough thanks for their help and their sincere kindness."

"Great team at Intellex Forensics! Highly competent and solutions focused. I'd highly recommend their services."

"I highly recommend Intellex Forensics to all of my clients and legal colleagues for their forensic accounting needs. The firm handles any type of forensic accounting project (from small projects to highly complex projects) with five-star client service and at reasonable rates."

"The team at Intellex Forensics is top-notch, I'd recommend them to any of my peers and clients."

"Highly competent, very personable - Intellex make the transaction easy."

"Fantastic team - I highly recommend Intellex!"

"Highly respectable people with great ethics!"

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