Forensic Accounting For Divorce


We have extensive experience working with clients through divorce. Our team helps ensure fair treatment and provides support through the divorce and court processes.

Service Areas

Asset Tracing & Discovery

Identify, trace, and value assets across the street and around the world.

Cash Flow Statements

Produce an accurate picture of monies in and out of marital accounts.

Collaborative Law

Financial professionals navigating through the cordial collaborative environment.

Complex Property Division

Discover, disclose, and separate assets to ensure fair treatment.

Expert Witness Testimony

Qualified experts that are composed, effective, and concise.

Forensic Accounting

Analyzing financial data, calculate damages and present positive outcomes.

Lifestyle Cost Analysis

Establish standard of living to determine living expenses and spending habits.
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Eric Stephens

Director & Co-Founder
Eric is the managing director and co-founder of Intellex Forensics. He provides an impressive background surrounding various aspects of fraud and forensic accounting. His experience with risk mitigation and forensic accounting spans across various specialty areas including due diligence, anti-money laundering, embezzlement, fraud, whistle-blower reporting, etc. Eric also has extensive experience surrounding accounting operations, financial analysis, and policy formulation.


With many divorces, there is a feeling from one party of unfair treatment, which could stem from a variety of scenarios such as a stay-at-home parent, handling the business administrative function, maintaining home and property, caretaker for a family member, etc. It is common for parties on either side of the situation to hide assets, either to minimize and hide asset value or in situations of a foreseen divorce, one party may be preparing for future survival. We have extensive experience working with clients in each of these scenarios, in order to ensure fair treatment and provide support throughout the divorce and court processes.
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