Accounting & Bookkeeping for Franchisors


Accounting & Bookkeeping for Franchisors

As a franchisor, your general goal is to develop a system that is duplicable and beneficial to both the franchisor and the franchisee. In the beginning, you created a concept that turned into a business, and are now training others to do the same. Our goal is to allow you and your team to focus on expanding your business, improving your product or service, and training your franchisees to carry out your culture and system.

We enjoy accounting so that you don’t have to pretend that you do. Our team will assess your current bookkeeping and accounting functions and develop and implement procedures where necessary.

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Develop Standard Procedures

Develop or assess a standard chart of accounts

Develop or assess standard reporting and accounting procedures for franchisees

Develop or assess revenue reporting protocols

Point of Sale “POS” system analysis

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Managing Director
Eric Stephens is the managing director and co-founder of Intellex Forensics. He provides an impressive background surrounding various aspects of accounting operations and forensic accounting spanning over a 30+ year career.

Services for each Unit, Territory, or Location

Setup and integration

Remote bookkeeping

Accounts receivable & accounts payable

Manage the payroll process

Reporting monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting

Manage the tax preparation process

Royalty reporting and compliance

Trusted Professionals

More Time

Our professionals will be your ongoing strategic advisors, giving you the ability to spend more time on what matters most.

Preserve Value

Our team will help manage accounting processes, evaluate procedures, and implement strategies to preserve business or personal value.

Peace of mind

We will provide advisory and insight into your business dealings and your financial wherewithal in order to leave no stone unturned.  

Pricing & Expansion

We understand the various stages of a business life cycle, not only because we coach and consult with business owners but because we have also grown our business from the ground up. We have found that one of the most crucial components to our success has been working with vendors and employees that are accurate, consistent, and adjust efficiently with growth. Intellex is here to be that consistent and growth-oriented branch of your company. We will work with you to develop a standardized price for monthly services per location across your system. 

We will not nickel and dime you for your time. Rather than charging fees for general bookkeeping questions that come up in the due course of business, we are always available by phone and email at no charge. Our ongoing support is included in the monthly agreed-upon cost.

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Franchisee Facebook “Townhall”

As a franchisor, you are essentially creating a family of people that are connected by your system, and in turn, have many of the same questions. We have found that your franchisees can benefit from each other’s questions by creating a “town hall” where questions are answered by our team at Intellex, for the benefit of everyone in the group. This would be a private group developed specifically for your business and will require approval to join. If this isn’t a good fit for your system, no harm no foul. However, this is an elective and no-charge benefit to using Intellex for your accounting services.

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