World Leaders in PPE Procurement Advisory & Due Diligence

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In the unprecedented COVID-19 world we now live in, it appears the laws of the “Wild West” have taken effect. Buyers of all sizes are formulating fictitious “Proof of Funds” reports, while sellers are falsifying inventory stock levels, price gouging, “padding” with excessive commissions and creating levels of misrepresentation to conceal the true ownership of the PPE.

Since the inception of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Intellex has performed in-depth due diligence and fraud detection on both the buy and sell sides of PPE procurement, amounting to billions in deals, but also billions in fraud. Our in-depth knowledge of PPE products, manufacturing, import/export requirements, and the deal process, combines with our unparalleled experience in fraud detection and due diligence to truly make us the world leader in this space. Our team is here to ensure that the right deal is done, at the right price, with the right people, and the right product.

Don’t let “I wish I would have” become reality. Make the call.